Monday, November 30, 2009

Fonkert 2010 Lecture Offerings

It's simple. I like to talk about genealogy. I lecture about a dozen times a year on a variety of genealogical topics. I would be happy to tailor a talk to your organization's needs. Or, choose a talk from the categories below. All talks are illustrated.

Getting to Know Genealogy

* Find our Family History: What are the Possibilities
* Find your Family in the Census: It’s Free (mostly) and Easy
* The Census: an Immigration Storybook

Skill-building and Methodology

* Genealogical Detours: Using Indirect Evidence to Solve Genealogical Problems
* The Anatomy of a Genealogy Report
* Putting your Evidence on the Table: Using Tables and Spreadsheets to Analyze Your Genealogy Data
* On-the-Job Training: Making the Most of Occupation in Your Genealogical Research
* Improve your Genealogy Detective Skills: Following Clues from the Census

Primers for Ethnic Research (Ask about "The Wooden Shoe Genealogist")

* Fish and Chips Genealogy: Finding Your Ordinary Ancestors in England and Wales
* Introduction to Dutch Genealogy
* Polders, Tulips and Church Records: A Genealogical Tour of the Low Countries
* Tilting at Genealogical Windmills: Finding Dutch Ancestors on the Internet

Genealogical Sources

* BMDs: Bringing your Ancestors to Life through Vital Records
* Census Sleuthing: Using the Census to Decode your Family
* The Courthouse: a Place of Genealogical Records
* Documenting the Immigration Trail: a Five-stage Approach
* My Ancestors were from the Internet: Finding European Origins on the Web
* Where there’s a Will, there’s a way: Using Wills, Probate and Guardianship Records to trace your Family

Geography and Migration

* The GEO in GenEalOgy: Enhancing your Family History with Maps and Geography
* Midwest Historical Geography for Genealogists
* A Midwest Migration Case Study: Dutch and Ostfrisian Immigrants to Illinois and Iowa