Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Fawkner Interlude

It's Monday. Don't be alarmed.  I am not escalating to a two-per-week blog schedule. This is just a little reminder that it pays to go back over old research ground from time to time.

It turns out that "A Developing Story" was an appropriate title for my post about deaf photographer Fred Fawkner a couple of weeks ago (Chapter 13, 9 July 2015). In that post, I told you pretty much all I knew of his professional wanderings -- from Duluth to Buffalo and Clayton, back to Cairo to Jacksonville, and on the Hartford, New York, and Norfolk, where he died.

Now, the story continues to develop. Fiddling around in this morning, I found an article in the Bluefield (WV) Daily Telegraph that adds to the story. The 3 March 1940 edition (p. 53, col. 2) welcomed "F. P. Fawkner, of New Orleans, La., photographer and artist of many years experience" to the studio of Mrs. R. L. Nunnally in Bluefield. Fawkner had previously been with the Tooley-Myron studios in Miami and New Orleans.

This guy got around!

This blog will return to its regular scheduled programming this Thursday, with the story of Fred's deaf brother, Cyrus, of Minneapolis. You will want to know why a Minneapolis barber took out an ad in the Denver Post.

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