Sunday, May 15, 2016

Case Solved: Robert was Freddie's Father!

Two weeks ago, I concluded: "It seems safe to conclude that Freddie's parents were probably Robert G. Fawkner and Mary Combs." (Parents for Freddie Fawkner, 9 May 2016). With what I found today, it more than seems safe.

As you may recall, Freddie Fawkner (15 Feb 1894 - 1Nov 1895) was born 10 months after Mary E. Combs married Robert G. Fawkner. Baby Fred was buried in Arcola, Illinois, Township Cemetery. The only question was whether the Robert G. Fawkner who married Mary was the Robert G. Fawkner of Arcola who married Nellie (Marion) Brown in 1895.

Here's the clincher. The 16 February 1894 issue of the Indianapolis Sun reported the birth of a boy to Robert and Mary Fawkner. This Robert Fawkner of Indianapolis was without doubt the Robert Fawkner from Arcola. An 1889 Indianapolis city directory listed Robert G. Fawkner living in Indianapolis at the same address as his father, James C. Fawkner. Robert was a railroad conductor. As a railroad employee, he appears to have moved around a good bit.

I still don't know where the Fawkner-Combs marriage occurred, and am not certain there was a marriage -- except that Mary sued Robert G. Fawkner for divorce in 1908.

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